Protective and coolable housings

Brief description

When using Infrared Radiation Thermometers (Pyrometers) in areas with ambient temperatures > 60 ° C or in Ex zones, HEITRONICS offers a wide range of accessories including protective and coolable housings.

We also offer protective designs for hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid or other chemical substances that could come into contact with the Infrared Radiation Thermometer or its optics.

Features (depending on model)
  • High degree of protection
  • For ambient temperatures up to 300 ° C
  • Ex protective housing for Zone Ex de IIC


Brief description

The digital Infrared Radiation Thermometers (Pyrometers) from HEITRONICS can be configured by the customer using the available application software to adjust the respective settings of each instrument.

The measured temperature can be displayed, recorded, played back or exported for use in a typical spreadsheet application.

Field calibration of some Infrared Radiation Thermometer is available. The ASCII format protocol to interface with the Radiation Thermometers is made available to our customers who wish to write their own software.

  • Setting device parameters and basic temperature display with EasyConfig
  • Setting of device parameters and measurement data evaluation with EasyMeas
  • Temperature distribution in combustion chambers with TempControl 2.0
  • The MTS05 II sensor is parameterized and read out using the EasySensor software
  • ScanPerfect for the acquisition of temperature profiles for LS15 LineScanner systems


Mounting Options and Accessories

Brief description

HEITRONICS provides a wide range of accessories for protection and installation. Optimal solutions for e.g. the attachment of our Infrared Radiation Thermometers enables optimal easy maintenance and installation of the instruments.

  • Quick release mountings with flanges
  • Customized flange production
  • Economical special designs

Digital Indicator and Temperature Meter

Brief description

HEITRONICS offers digital displays for panel mounting or table top use. Special solutions via a PLC with additional evaluation and statistical functions can be implemented and programmed.

  • Programmable digital display with inputs and outputs
  • Tabletop indicator
  • Digital interfaces