Mesure de Température sans contact de -100 °C  à 3000 °C

SW 11B

Blackbody Radiation Sources SW 11B
for Calibration of Infrared Radiation Pyrometers

High Accuracy with Controller

Blackbody Radiation Sources with Controller for Infrared Radiation Pyrometers 

  • Temperature range 350°C to 1000°C  
  • Calibration and control of pyrometers
  • Digital control, control accuracy 0.1 K
  • Control parameter adjustable
  • Isothermie from 0.1°C, better than 1°C  
  • Cavity aperture 25 mm


  • DKD-calibrated thermometer for temperature control

More details you can look up in the technical data (Download) or ask for additional information via E-Mail!

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