KTXKTX-SeriesSéries KTX

Non-Contact Temperature Measurement from -100 °C  to 3000 °C


The rugged workhorse - accurate, quick, and application oriented

Chopped radiation method for drift-free measurements
Fast response times from 5 ms
HD-Version up to 180 °C ambient temperature
Laser pointer to mark target center

The well-tried HEITRONICS Infrared Radiation Thermometer series KTX was complemented with a further option.

The new KTX with laser beam is used for optimal alignment and checking the target area. Depending on the particular requirements in-axis-versions are available. For mounted units an external laser switch-on/-off is available.


The pyrometer series KTX covers the entire range of industrial processes, such as:

  • production and processing of plastics
  • drying and coating of paper
  • production and processing of ceramics,
  • glasses,
  • metals
  • or a variety of materials.

For precise and long time stable non-contact temperature measurement in

  • rough and hostile environment
  • and ambient temperatures up to 180 °C

the HD-version of KTX is suitable.

More details you can look up in the technical data (Download) or ask for additional infomation via E-Mail!

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