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Non-Contact Temperature Measurement from -100 °C  to 3000 °C


Displaying the temperature distribution using TempCtrl 1.3

23. May 2018

Displaying the temperature distribution using TempCtrl 1.3

·         Up to 10 Infrared Radiation Thermometer

·         Free configuration of the combustion chamber and the measuring positions

·         Displaying the temperature distribution as a false color image

·         4 different modes for calculating the wall temperature

·         Calculation of intermediate values at up to 16 freely selectable positions in the combustion chamber and output thru D / A converter

·         Line graphics for:

  •   Current readings
  •   Hourly averages
  •   Daily averages

Storage of all measured values and calculations

Advantages of HEITRONICS Instruments/Software:

 ·        Intuitive detection of hot spots, imbalances etc. by
graphical image of the temperature distribution

·         Output of the current temperature at any position in the combustion chamber
e.g. for controlling the SNCR lances

·         Storing all measured and calculated values organized by days and hours

·         Displaying of hourly / daily average values as line graphs




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